Don’t get caught in this trap!

For a long time now I have been really privileged to look at many different golf swings. How we move within our golf swing has always fascinated me. No two golf swings are the same, why? we all move differently. Therefore it has always made sense to me to look at how a golfer moves. How you move directly influences how you swing.

Understand how you move

Understanding how you move and just what you are capable of is crucial if you are going to maximize your potential as a golfer. A golf specific screening is a starting point this will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and build your personal blueprint. You may need more mobility, stability, strength, power… testing will highlight this and more.     

Where the problem occurs

Unfortunately, I still see golfers diving straight into strength and power training this is a recipe for injury and a possible long layoff from the game they love. It’s great for physio’s, chiropractors and surgeons though! Please don’t fall into this trap.

Understand the building blocks

You must understand your mobility first, then your stability. When these two areas are good then you can build strength, once your strength is good then you can develop your power. These are the building blocks all golf training programmes are developed on. They are based around you, your lifestyle and the equipment you have access to.

Are you ready to understand how your body movement directly influences your golf swing?

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