Why do I need a golf specific screening?

I think the Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) answers this question very well by saying, if you don’t get tested then you are just guessing.

Do you guess at your job?

Why are you guessing at a hobby you love and spending a lot of time and money on?

Remember that new driver you bought. Yes, you are longer but longer in the woods! Sound like you?

Stop and think for a moment. If you had more stability, mobility, strength and power in your golf swing how much better would you be? Now join this up with an instructional plan from your golf professional, how much better would you be now? This is the path to improving your golf from tee to green and unlocking your potential, adding more distance and consistency.

Valuable information

A golf specific screening will give you and your golf professional valuable feedback. How? It will address any physical issues relating to your golf swing, your strengths, weaknesses, injury risks, any medical factors… This is then used to build your bespoke plan of action with your golf professional.

Here is an example

How many times have you heard this from a playing partner ‘your head came up on that shot”? I bet it’s not your head at all. It’s what we call early extension. The appearance from the face on angle in the golf swing is the head going up, but from behind and down the target line you will see the player move out of there original set up position at address. This usually occurs in the downswing but can also happen in the backswing.

Look at the pelvis

If you were to look at the pelvis rather than the head you would see the pelvis move closer to the ball in either the backswing or downswing, the spine will straighten too early. This causes the arms to get stuck behind the body, resulting in a block or hook. If you are lucky you may just be able to save the shot with your hands!

Don’t guess get screened

A golf specific screening would have highlighted this fault and a bespoke training plan would correct it.  By maintaining your posture at address into your backswing and through to impact, will make you more consistent. This is just one way a golf specific screening will help you. Interested in my help?

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