Understanding the effect physical limitations have on your golf swing

If you can understand precisely what happens during your golf swing from a biomechanical point of view, you can make significant changes to how you perform.

Let me explain.

VIPThe golf swing is complex, and you need good coordination at high speed, think about it, if you’re slightly out with your swing you can hit the ball off the toe or heel of the club or even miss the ball completely. This is what makes the golf swing tricky to learn and become consistent at.

I have seen so many golfers who fully understand the correct moves in the swing they need to make, but cannot make the correct moves due to physical limitations.

The easy option

The body faced with any physical limitations will opt to do what is most comfortable. Easiest is not always correct and can lead to inconsistency and injury.

Are you making a compensatory move?

If you physically cannot do what your golf instructor is trying to get you to do, you will inevitably make a compensatory move based on a physical limitation. A compensatory move will lead to inconsistency and place more strain on the body increasing forces on areas like the lower back, shoulders, elbows, neck, wrists…

A classic example

If a golfer is unable to make a good turn into their backswing, they will often make a compensatory move by lifting their arms away from their body to try and get the golf club in a reasonable position at the top of the swing, generally resulting in poor shots. Think about all the power they have lost by not being able to turn correctly and injuries they could be heading for. This is just one quick example.

Injury risk

Even the most technically sound swing will have an injury risk due to the demands of the golf swing, but it would be dramatically reduced. If you lack mobility, stability, strength and power in your swing, the injury risk is way higher.

Take out the guesswork

It is so important to understand how you move in your golf swing and address any physical limitations head-on. The best way to do this is to come along for a golf-specific screening, where you will get the answers.

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