Understanding the basic kinematic sequence

I think it is beneficial for any golfer to have a basic knowledge of the kinematic sequence, so you have a clear picture in your head. I will not be blinding you with science just a simple understanding so you can build a picture of what is happening and apply it to your swing.

Sports science

Motion capture and sports science have allowed coaches like me to see and understand the many elements that make up a golfer. It is my job to take the science and make it simple for a golfer to understand, feel and apply.

Science tells us that virtually all great ball strikers generate speed in their swings from the lower body first.

The basic kinematic sequence goes like this

1. Lower body ( Pelvis)   2. Torso    3.  Arms (lead arm)    4. Golf club

So, what happens during the correct kinematic sequence?

The lower body starts the downswing, as the lower body starts to slow down the torso then takes over, as the torso slows down the arms take over then finally the golf club is delivered hopefully squarely into the back of the golf ball. With the power, you have generated through your body and swing.

Problems occur

Most problems occur in this sequence if you have a mechanical breakdown with your swing, a physical limitation holding you back or an equipment issue.

If you are out of the correct sequence, you can see how you could lose power and consistency very quickly.

Make use of the ground

A few words on the ground force. The average player forgets about the importance of utilizing the ground in their golf swing. In the backswing, you want to be feeling the pressure inside the right heel. During the downswing, this pressure goes inside the left heel to the outside of the left heel in a nanosecond through impact into the finish.

A golf specific screening

My golf specific screening will spot these issues, along with any physical limitation or weaknesses. Based on the facts of your screening I can build you a plan of action. Let’s talk!

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