How your lifestyle can impact your golf!

Here is a real example of how I work with your golf coach.

Let me introduce you to Tom. Tom was referred to me via a very well respected golf coach. This coach said to me, Tom is struggling with his rotation when I get him into a better posture and set up at address. There is something going on which I cannot pinpoint, can you take a look. Sure, send me over a video of his swing before I meet up with him.

Meeting Tom.

Meeting Tom, I could tell he was apprehensive, he was quietly spoken and polite. I noticed Tom had a picture of this family and his dog on the screen of his mobile phone, so, that was the icebreaker. We talked family and our love of dogs for 10 mins. Ok, Tom, I said I need to find out a bit more about your health and medical history…

Tom’s golf swing.

I had looked at Tom’s golf swing, and it was clear he was fighting what we call C-posture ( his shoulders slumped forward at address, excessive rounding of the upper back)

Tom’s lifestyle.

I then asked Tom about his lifestyle in particular what his working day looks like. He said I get up at 5.30am getting ready for work, eat breakfast, leaves home at 6.15am, walk to the train station to catch the 6.35am, into London for 7.15am and behind my desk by 7.45am. I stay at my desk all day, even eating lunch at my desk, so, I can leave early to get home to see my family and have dinner with them.

He also said he likes to play golf three times a week during the summer, and once a week during the winter, and get to the driving range when he can. I always get a backache after play or practise.

A lifestyle body pattern developing.

The picture I saw here was a lifestyle body pattern. Tom was spending a considerable amount of his day sitting down, just like many working golfers do. After screening Tom, it was clear his lifestyle had contributed to a pattern of muscle imbalances.

Tom was very tight in his upper trapezius and scapula and tight in his pectorals. He was very weak in his deep neck flexors, lower and mid trapezius also the serratus anterior. This was the cause of Toms rounded C-posture. Tom was also weak in his glutes. Tom’s lifestyle had crept up on him and had affected his golf.

The plan

The plan was to get Tom moving better by correcting the muscle imbalances through exercises in a manageable way that would fit into his day easily, over a series of weeks Tom could exercise 10-15 mins three times a day. Straight upon waking up, at work by his desk and in the evening at home.

In Tom’s case, I just used resistance bands for the corrections. Then increased the difficulty and intensity, to keep pushing tom and progressing him. I also made us both accountable for Tom’s improvement, talking and messaging each other regularly.

The result

Well, Tom laughs at the people in his office when they say he looks so much taller!

His golf coach is happy because he can get Tom into better technical positions in his golf swing now. Tom has gained 20 yards and feels good.

So, don’t let your lifestyle impact your golf!

Let’s talk

Many thanks to the talented Lily Bloomfield for the photo.

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