5 ways you can prepare for the 2019 golf season

With the New Year well underway and the 2019 golf season creeping up on us, now is a great time to take stock and asses all areas of your game.

1. To reach your potential you need to know where you should start. You should be tested on your technical ability by your golf coach. You then need to be screened on your physical ability by a golf fitness expert, one that understands the golf swing very well and the various training methods you may need. This joined-up approach is vital in reaching your potential.

2. You need to know how your body moves and how this movement directly affects your golf swing. A full golf specific screening will highlight any issues. This is also compelling information for your golf coach on how best to teach you technically. An example, technically you understand what your golf coach wants you to do, but physically you cannot do it. After a golf specific screening by a golf fitness expert who understands the golf swing, he or she would be able to tell whether it’s a physical limitation…etc. That can be changed or not. If it can be changed fantastic, you will get a plan of action to make the changes, if not where does that leave you? The golf coach and fitness professional will use this information to work out the most efficient way for you to swing the club. This is just one example of how a joined-up approach can really make a difference to your game.

3. The technical and physical work hand in hand. You are wasting your time if you think a bit of running and lifting a few weights will improve your golf. Why? training has to be bespoke because we are all different, we all swing different and move differently. We are all stronger in some areas than others. With a game that generates a lot of force on the body why guess or you will get injured. Learn from the best players in the world they do not guess in any department of their game. Why should you? I hear this a lot, well I have not got time. Ok, I am not talking about spending hours working at your game like a tour player, but for the average golfer 2 sessions of 15mins twice a day will make a big difference to your game. I don’t know any golfer who would not be willing to commit to that time to improve their golf.

4. Focus on quality in all aspects of your game. Quality over quantity wins every time. When the quality is good then you can increase the time.

5. Commit to enjoying the process. It will be fun if you are working with caring forward-thinking coaches.

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