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Latella Neuro-muscular Training System (LNTS®)

LNTS has been developed over many years but my great friend Skip Latella. We have worked closely for over 20 years. I believe the patented system is a game changer for all golfers and an innovation in movement science!

Several independent studies have validated the benefits of the LNTS methodology:

  • The University of Pittsburg neuroscience and sports lab
  • The Manhattan V.A
  • A former Masters champion
  • LPGA Teacher of the year
  • Past President of The PGA of America
  • The World Scientific congress of golf
  • Several top 100 coaches
  • PGA Tour Players
  • Top collage programs at Duke, Yale and Notre Dame

It has been my pleasure to be part of the development over the years. For the first time LNTS training is now avaliable outside of the U.S.

For all enquiries contact:
Gavin Ryan
Senior Head Trainer LNTS

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