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It’s my privilege to be back at LGC after a spell as Head Professional, working with Paul Stuart again is a pleasure. Paul is an outstanding forward thinking coach.

Why I do what I do

My training compliments Paul’s coaching by addressing physical limitations first. Let me explain more. Most golfers understand what they need to do from a technical point, but can they physically do it? Here in lies the problem.

My coaching and the exclusive LNTS training methods address physical limitations, and will increase your mobility, stability,strength and power where you need it most in your golf swing!

If you really want to understand how you move and how your movement affects your golf swing come along to LGC for a consultation.

The consultation – How it works

Firstly, it’s about understanding you.

Your medical history.

Your work and lifestyle.

A review of your golf swing.

A body movement screening.

An explanation of the connection between your body and your golf swing.

The way forward.

Your action plan.

Consultations are by appointment only. Consultations last around one and a half hours.

Fee £200