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PGA Professionals are the heart of golf. I have walked in your shoes and understand your challenges.

This is how we can work together. 

We can work together in many ways to offer a superior additional service to your members, and offer a totally joined-up approach to your teaching at your club. Increasing your coaching reputation, quickening up the learning process, addressing any movement , mobility, stability, strength, power, speed, issues and reducing injury.The more we keep our golfers healthy, playing more and enjoying their golf the better. Word of mouth about you will spread and revenues will go up.

Because I understand the golf swing extremely well, it is very easy for me to understand exactly what you are trying to do with your pupils. This gives you a big advantage because it saves a huge amount of time having to explain yourself to a PT for example, who doesn’t have the golf coaching experience.


The following services have been very successful with golf coaches.

  • Bespoke individual training that runs hand in hand with your teaching.

  • Golf specific screening days.

  • Team training, Mens, Ladies, juniors, seniors…..

  • Beginners movement training.

  • Running a golf specific training class at your club.

  • Talks and workshops.

If you are a dynamic coach who would like to work with a forward-thinking trainer to help you take your coaching service to another level, I would love to talk with you.

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