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Apart from the very kind and humbling testimonials that were given to me by an array of golfers, why would you choose to work with me?

Well, let me answer this. Firstly, I only work with golfers, it’s what I know and love. Other trainers do a bit of everything, I don’t, my focus is on you and your golf. With over 30 years experience working with golfers at all levels, I fully understand the physical demands golf places on the body. I have walked in your shoes, remember I was once a beginner who took the journey to professional. I have trained with the best and overcome injuries. I feel I am very well placed to help you. I will work with your Golf Professional or medical professional or both.

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Today’s golfers need to be screened for mobility, stability, strength, and power, this is why screening you is so important. You need to know and understand your strengths, weaknesses and any physical limitations that could be holding you back. These limitations could be the very reason you are struggling technically with your swing or with that niggling injury, a lack of power and so on…

I want to keep you moving well, reduce the risk of injury, gain distance, be more consistent and keep you playing and enjoying golf for longer. I get results by designing bespoke training programs, based around where you are right now with your golf and what you are capable of achieving. I regularly retest and change these programs so you keep progressing in the right direction.

Another factor I take into account is where you are in the golf season. Are you in the playing season or off-season? This affects how I design a program or train you. One question I would ask you is, if you exercise already and you play golf, is this exercise helping or hindering your golf? Unless you have had a golf specific screening and further tests, then it’s just a guess!

Whether you are a beginner who would like to understand how to move for golf, a weekend warrior, club player, senior, junior, elite or disabled player, I can help you. All you need to bring is a burning desire to improve.

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